People make

A team gathers different characters who demonstrate authenticity and a sharp mind every day.

Original people and professionals who create new ideas together, change society.

Ivana Cvejić

Director of the

She is curious, unconventional, and a source of positive energy and new ideas. There are no constraints or impediments in her path.

Ana Rangelov

Account manager

She talks quietly and carries brands with him. She wanted to be a landscape architect, but roadside signs led her to advertising. When someone says webinar, she hears winebar. A true Wonder Woman, what she does with brands leaves her speechless.

Ivana Bojović

Graphic designer

When someone says organization, we think of her first. Each of her designs is a true masterpiece. Creative and reliable. Also, she manages to take care of the team members. That’s why you might often hear her wondering if we had breakfast or coffee.

Đorđe Krstić

Graphic designer

Who is he? The Myth or MEGA Graphic Designer. Not a myth, but he is in charge, and responsible for ordering food. Copying someone else’s logo is not a brief or a design for him. Make it simple but significant! The agency’s first beard, except when it gets carried away in shortening.

Nataša Dević

Graphic designer

Every morning you can see her threshing her hand. It means she spilled the coffee. With her, all things are #000000 on #FFFFFF. She likes it best when colleagues sit next to her and suggest changes while she works. The best design for her is when she breaks all the rules. Favorite word – I can.

Zoran Živković

Graphic designer

For him, Comic Sans is not an acceptable font unless you’re an eight-year-old writing a poem. He has been explaining for years that Pantone, CMYK, and RGB are not the same thing. There is no end to his happiness, but when he changes the final solution five more times. Invoice mag.

Branislav Vujičić

AV producer

No one doubts his production skills. If he organizes a gathering, the chances of winning the lottery are better, rather than he being on time. His dedication is best when he is filming on the field. Top Gun drone pilot.

Nemanja Stojanović


In love with words and like to play around with them. Tourismologist by education, according to the workbook he paints with letters. The main goal for him is a successful marriage between your brand and customers. As a writing tailor, his words inject life into your brand.

Miloš Ivošević

Digital account manager

His hobby is shopping through the Zara app. He forgot what paper and pencil are, mythical objects for him. Regardless, he skillfully juggles the many balls of the digital universe, a true athlete and team player. You can always count.

Sofija Bulatović

Account manager

Retail is her home from which she has not yet escaped. Marketing and communications are a science and a profession, but they are her passion. Responsible and reliable – people say and strict. It will reveal to you every detail that you missed writing in your project. She doesn’t hate Monday, but she loves Friday.

Nikola Maksimović

Web administator

Veteran and the old school in the team, but not by his age. He has magical powers in creating websites that David Copperfield and Houdini would envy. If your site is on the homepage of Google, it came out of its SEO kitchen.

Sretenka Ilić

Account manager

She always finish everyhting before the deadline. That’s why we belive she has a clone. It responds to Mil’ce. We still don’t know why. Due to her experience working in procurement, where she has shown brilliant results, she holds the title “The person for everything“.

Ivana Zlatić

Digital account manage

She responds to all kinds of names unless she has headphones, then you better not call her. The front line on social media. A raider who wins new victories with her brands. If she sleeps well on the weekend, the following week is tip-top for her, an exceptional conductor of electricity.