Our story

Good ideas live in our place. Impact Ideas is a bridge between your brand and customers. The team that provides full service, from scratch to screen. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your bussines or have a big company, our expertise is an advantage to you. That is who we are, but we are curious to hear your story.

Our goals

We set high standards and decisively walk to them. Paths are different, but we do not stop until we reach them. When we accomplish this, we set a new one. In that way, we grow together with clients and become better.

Why Impact?

Impact provides full service. We infiltrate in essence and gain to shape each idea in a unique way. Leaving a mark, because your customers are coming back, bringing their friends. It’s a stamp for all our services. We support different brands and companies, which want to have diverse results. Although each project speaks for itself, our approach is always the same.

With us, you will look better, prettier, and different.

Our values

Cores of our daily work are different values. We cherish them because only with that kind of approach outcomes are extraordinary.


We are devoted to our work internal motivation is pushing us to accomplish new projects and reach desired goals. For us, a determination is key.
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Group 1209


Job dynamic wants initiative. Every team member can take things into his own hands and through dedicated work resolve challenges in front of him in order, for the client and us to be satisfied.


Primarily we work transparently and respect the given word. We are consistent in the work process. Considering it is the only way to make foundations for innovative ideas and their realization. Integrity in the first place.
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Učenje i razvoj

Our curiosity drives us to explore, examine, and experiment. We do not take for granted, on the contrary, we want to develop and constantly learn. Eagerly adopting new practical knowledge, with the goal to advance our skills, brands, and services.


Passion is energy that moves us. It motivates us to give 101% because the best things are built when you work with passion. Readiness to do what we love and not limit our dreams.
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Digital marketing
Web Design
Media planning & buying